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Useful Links

Guild wars - main site

The main site for Guild wars find all the latest news,game update upcoming in game events as well as the download client for the game.

Guild wars Realm - your Number one source

A Honored Fan site run by a great bunch of people your find builds, a green data base with all the green weapons from the game and if u have any questions just ask in the forum and you will get an answer with personal in site into how to do it and more than likely an offer to help you do it from one or more people.

GW Auctions - The number one Guild Wars auctions site

What is so special about
This is the only site where you can actually "see" the item before you buy it. The seller gives all relevant data, and other people will see the item as if it was in their inventory. That means there is no need for cryptic signs like "20/20 15^50 +30"

There is a screen shot library with screen shots of almost every green weapon and more items.

You can search for anything about an item. It's name, it's colour and even effects and descriptions. For example, you can search for "+5 Energy" or you can search for "health" to sum up all items that modify your health.

Guild wars Wikki

The the Official Guild Wars wiki, the comprehensive Guild Wars reference written and maintained by the players.


the largest database of Guild Wars character builds!